MCPE/Bedrock Clear Ender Chest Addon



Did you ever wanted to clear someone’s ender chest in your Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server but didn’t know how?

Or did you want to clear someone’s ender chest in your map but didn’t want to use tons of command blocks?

Now you can do this easily with this addon!


This is a very simple but very useful addon that can be used to clear player’s ender chests with just 3 simple commands instead of 27 that you would need to use without this addon.

How to use

First, you need to select a player that’s ender chest should clear. You can do so by running this command:

/tag {player} add echest.clear

Then you need to run this command to clear the ender chest:

/function clear-enderchest

And the last command you need to run (to remove the selected player) is:

/tag {player} remove echest.clear


NOTE: Replace {player} with a selector (@a, @p, @s or @r) or the player name (example: McMelonTV).NOTE 2: You have to be an operator to use these commands.


You can:

– Use this for your private world

– Customize this addon for yourself

You can if you give me credit:

– Make a video about this addon

– Use this for your public world/map

You can not:

– Claim this addon to be your

– Customize this addon and then publicly share it


How to credit me:

Youtube video: Add a link to this site to the top of your description

Your map: My xbox gamertag and the link to this site in the credits or on a sign at the spawn

Other: Link this site and add “Made by McMelonTV”





+ Made the description more detailed

+ Edited the description

+ Edited “how to use this addon”



Download the file.mcaddon and open it. The addon should install to your minecraft automatically, then add the behavior pack to your world.

Any issues or suggestions? Contact me on Discord, in comments or on XBOX.

Discord: McMelon#9999
Discord Server:



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