MCPE/Bedrock Cookie Jar Addon!


Cookie Jar Addon!


Bored storing all your cookies at chest? Say no more! This Addon Brings A new block to the game that you can use for storing up to 5 cookies! Plus, It’s Survival Friendly! So download this one for a try!


Cookie Jar Addon

Made by DerpCraft



This Addon adds a new blocks to the game called Cookie Jar! You can find it on your Creative Inventory! For crafting just make a U shape from glass and add an Iron Ingot at the top! And you get yourself a Cookie Jar 😀

After getting the Cookie Jar rightclick it and you have the Cookie Jar Block

This Block has 6 States

Empty (Stage 1)

First state of the block when placed. Have no cookies inside it (of course bruh) To fill, right click them with a cookie and the cookie in your hand would be transfered to the jar and becoming the next state. Drops the Jar itself

Empty Stage

Filled (Stage 2-5)

Second to Fifth States of the block. At these states they have fillings inside! But due to limitation, we can’t take the cookies at these states. But we can enjoy it by placing it at your kitchen room. Drops the Jar and cookies depending on the amount of cookies stored

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3



Stage 4


Fully Filled (Stage 6)

Final stage of the block, it has 5 cookies inside. This state is unique than any because when your right click it it will drop the cookies and empty the jar to the first state. Also you can break it normally it still drop the jar and those cookies


Stage 5


Use This GIF for how to use it!


Models With Isometric View





Known Bugs and Ideas for Next Update


  • Bottom and Colliding Cookies sometimes has bugged render. (This is MC bug so I can’t fix it :/
  • I haven’t add placement filters so the block can be placed at every side. (That’s kinda weird) I will add this in the next update
  • Also I will add new type of jar instead of just a glass jar so wait for it 😀


Suggestions, Bug Report, and Feedback


My Discord Tag rafa0103#7098
My Discord Server (Highly Recommended)
Or you can use the comment section below!



You can freely edit or modify this Addon as long its for personal use. For codes you MUST ASK ME FOR PERMISSION. Altough this addon looks simple, it took me times to make it, Plus I didnt monetize this so I don’t get anything from this. Please Contact Me if you have any questions :3

PS. This Addon Only Works on 1.16.100 or above and I’m planning to add support with RTX 


Thanks For Downloading And Enjoy!




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