So, what goes RWWWWWWWAAAAARARRRARRR and wants to eat you? I think you know the answer. And I think you want them in your world. Well, here they are! CROCODILES!!! Can you handle them? I doubt it…..


You can find these meanest of mean machines in swamps. And, early game at least, they’re gonna turn swamps into NO GO ZONES. Well, maybe after your first visit.

They come in four sizes:

  1. Small, fast, deadly
  2. Hard to handle
  3. Downright deadly
  4. Flee before it sees you, and never return to that swamp, even if you left your favorite, fastest, bestest horse nearby. It’s probably dead anyway.

They eat almost anything. Yum, yum, yum. Horses, yum. Vindicators, oh yummy. Sheep, fish, cows YUM YUM YUM. Zombies? Deeeeelish. Slimes? Why not!! You..? Well, why don’t you go find out..?

You can breed them. Like you’d ever want to, but for the brave and foolish (mostly foolish), go for it. Feed them chicken, beef, rabbit or mutton. Note that they’ll attack you rather than breed, so you’ll have to be clever about it. The babies are very cute; just sayin’.


(You can call them alligators if you want, just don’t tell them I said it was ok.)

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Made crocs breedable! Sure, great idea and all that. I’m sure we’ll do this *never* but you guys should. Fixed a few bugs.


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