MCPE/Bedrock Diving Tools Addon (1.16) (Gives Effect)


Diving Tools Addon (1.16) (Gives Effect)


Hello there. Have you ever thought about bringing diving gear to Minecraft? Then this extension is for you! Thanks to this plug-in, you will have a much better view in the water and you will be able to breathe in the water. Also now gives conduit power effects when you wear all of the armor! Let’s learn add-on better 😁



This addon adds exactly 5 new items to the game. 4 of these are armor, and 1 is an item that can only be used in the crafting table. Let’s start learning from armor!


We have added 4 pieces of armor that can be placed in armor slots;

Sea goggles

Diving cylinder

Nautical suit


A beautiful look appears when you wear the armor suit

Basic properties and recipes of armor

Sea goggles

Durability: 350

How many protection bar fills: 1.5

Recipe: 3 tube_coral, 3 glass_pane, 2 orange_stick

Diving cylinder

Durability: 500

How many protection bars fill: 2.5

Recipe: 6 iron_ingots

Nautical suit

Durability: 450

How many protection bars fill: 3

Recipe: 7 dried_kelp


Durability: 400

How many protection bar fills: 1.5

Recipe: 4 pieces of orange_stick


When you wear all of the armor, conduit_power effect comes to you. Breathing in water !!

Function command

If you enter the chat section and type the command (/ function), you can automatically wear the armor. There will be 5 texts in front of you, for example “thelake_sea_goggles“, when you write this, the sunglasses will automatically be placed on your head.

Orange stick

Maximum stock number that can be handled: 64

Recipe: 1 honeycomb, 1 stick

The orange stick can only be used in recipes

More picture


Hope you love the addon, it will be updated with every new minecraft release!


You can log in to my profile and check the Realistic Lucky block addon. It is a really good addon


If you can’t get through the link, write to me on my Instagram and I’ll give you a direct download link 😊


This addon has been translated into 2 different languages. (Turkish and English)


Allowed 😄

You can take video of my addon, but you must provide the real download link of my addon


Not allowed 😡

Do not claim that you made my addon yourself or you are responsible for what happens


Do not forget to write a comment

Report mistakes


Do not forget to open the experimental game (all 3 are recommended)


Resul and Metehan!

What has changed with this version;

-Armor effect has been added!

-The appearance of the armor has been fixed;

1-Nesting solved

2-Item textures revamped

3-The look of the seashells has been adjusted to fit different heads

-Spelling errors fixed

Bugs fixed!

Thank you very much for your interest!

Bcvc reference link;

Thank you very much if you support me



First we wait 5 seconds when the link is opened. Then we click the Skip the advertisement button. Then click the download button from the link that appears.

  • download file
  • click the share button
  • transfer to minecraft
  • have fun 🙂



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