MCPE/Bedrock Ender Elevators V2 – Bedrock 1.16.100+ Addon



The Ender Elevators addon adds the new Enderporter and now Omniporter blocks to your Minecraft world! For all versions 1.16.100 and above! The Enderporter will give you a fun new way to move around your base! Now usable on realms!



The Ender Elevators V2 addon adds the new UPGRADABLE Enderporter and Omniporter blocks to your Minecraft world!


Both the free version and the full version can be used on realms!!


The Full Ender Elevators has been released available to patrons! With 178 custom elevators to allow you to travel your world in an instant! You can find it here!



How to craft the Enderporter?

The Enderporter will give you a fun new way to move around your base!

How to upgrade the Enderporter?

The Enderporter can be upgraded up to Mk5!

Enderporter – 16 blocks
MK2 – Iron – 32 blocks
MK3 – Gold – 64 blocks
MK4 – Diamond – 128 blocks
MK5 – Emerald – 256 BLOCKS!

Omega* – Netherite – 512 BLOCKS IN EACH DIRECTION!



*The Omegaporter can only be crafted with a MK5 Omniporter!



The Omniporter is crafted with Enderporters!


You are allowed to used The Ender Elevators Addon in addon packs if credit is given to SyKo!

You are not allowed to repost The Ender Elevators Addon to MCBedrock or another hosting site!

You are not allowed to duplicate or modify The Ender Elevators Addon!



Updated the Ender Elevators addon to support Minecraft Bedrock Realms



Install by opening The Ender Elevator MCADDON file and adding it in the behavior pack settings of your world!

Make sure to enable all of the developer features!


When uploading to realms make sure you import a world that has all experimental features enabled!

creator: SyKoSoFi


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