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Endgame Equipment Expansion


Have you ever thought that Minecraft’s top tier equipment was too easy to obtain? Well this add-on fixes that issue by adding a new level of equipment to the endgame that requires a new special item dropped upon killing the ender dragon. These tools are powerful but not easy to obtain! 


Created by: AbstractRemix

This add-on adds a new axe, pickaxe, shovel, hoe, 2 swords and a complete armour set know as the end or ender equipment.

The aim of this add on is to improve upon Minecraft’s somewhat lacking endgame by giving a new objective to complete in the form of a new equipment set. These tools are powerful but come at the cost of the difficulty of crafting due to the requirement of killing the ender dragon multiple times.

Mod Rundown –

To get started with this add-on you will first need to kill the enderdragon, upon doing so the dragon will drop a random amount of ‘dragon tears’ between 9 and 20, this item will be the base of every item in this addon.

The next step is to use your newly acquired dragon tears along with one blaze powder to create an ‘essence of the end’

When you have at least 4 of this essence of the end you can then use it along with 4 iron ingots to create and ender ingot (similar to the recipe for netherite).

Using one of these ingots in a crafting table along with a netherite piece of equipment (except in the case of the sword) will create the corresponding end tool or armour piece. The following pieces of equipment are all roughly 25% better than the netherite equipment.

 Example of recipe for one of the above items – 

Armour model in game –

The weapon in this add-on has an added step on top of the others due to it being much more powerful than the other tools. This weapon is very powerful but comes at a cost, this cost being the difficulty to craft it. The sword has the ability to kill all common night time mobs (zombies, skeletons etc.) with one hit without the need for a crit and more powerful mobs such as endermen with 1 critical hit or 2 regular hits. 

To obtain this weapon follow these recipes –

This recipe allows you to obtain the weakened version of the End Scythe, it is still very strong despite being weaker than its stronger version. The following recipe will allow you to obtain its empowered version.

With this crafted you are now in possession of the strongest weapon in this add on. The empowered end scythe.

All of the equipment in this add-on are enchantable like any other equipment and also feature high enchantment values which increases the chance of getting high level or multiple enchants with one enchantment.

This add-on was made with multiplayer in mind so the damage of the weapons do not outweigh the protection of the armour too heavily so PvP is still very much possible and perhaps even better with this add-on.

That’s all for the run down of the add-on, I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave any feedback and bug reports you have.

Other stuff –

Important: This add-on requires experimental features to function, please ensure you enable both ‘Additional Modding Capabilities’AND‘Holiday Creator Features’

You are allowed to: 

Modify this addon forpersonal use 

Use this addon in any videos you wish with the link to the McBedrock page featured somewhere.

You are not allowed to:

Provide download links other than the one featured at the bottom of this page

Modify and re-release this add-on

Claim this add-on as your own

NOTE: Durability for custom items is currently broken so the tools in this add-on will not lose durability, this will be fixed for the add-on whenever it is fixed by Minecraft

NOTE: The efficiency enchantment is currently broken for custom items so it is not recommended that you use tools from this add-on that you plan to use this enchantment on. This will be fixed for the add-on when it is fixed by Minecraft

Enabling notifications is no longer needed to download the packs.

creator: AbstractRemix


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