MCPE/Bedrock Enhancer System Addon


Enhancer System Addon


Let enhance your ability by having a status effect using the Enhancer System. This is a block where it will give you an effect by using certain items, there are different modes of Enhancer System each mode give different effects.


The Enhancer System is like a beacon in Minecraft which you need ores/ingot to get an effect from beacon. Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, Emerald, Diamond and Netherite Ingot can be use to activate the Enhancer System. The duration and/or level of the effect that an Enhancer System will give is depend to an ores/ingot you use.

Crafting and Usage

To craft this you need 1 netherstar and 4 iron ingots, place netherstar at center surrounds with 4 iron ingots

By default the Enhancer System is in Fire Resistance Mode to change the mode of the system simply click/interact on it then it will switch between different modes. The colors represent to what mode your system is in, also a text will appear in your action bar when switched showing what mode you are in.

Here are all modes of the system:

  • Absorption Mode – give absorption effect


  • Fire Resistance Mode – Give fire resistance effect
  • Haste Mode – Give haste effect
  • Invisibility Mode – Give invisibility effect
  • Jump Booster Mode – Give jump boost effect
  • Night Vision Mode – Give night vision effect
  • Regeneration Mode – Give regeneration effect
  • Resistance Mode – Give resistance effect
  • Speed Mode – Give speed effect
  • Strenghthening Mode – Give strength effect
  • Water Breathing Mode – Give water breathing effect

To get an effect from Enhancer System hold any certain items then click/interact in the system to get an effect. The effect it will give depend on what mode the system is. The more expensive the ores/ingot is, the higher duration and level of effect it will give.

Some effects like fire resistance doesn’t have higher level, thus they simply have higher duration. An effect like Strength have higher level thus the duration of level II or III effect have lower duration. Here’s the details below.

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-Added 5 more modes

  • Absorption Mode
  • Haste Mode
  • Jump Booster Mode
  • Speed Mode
  • Resistance Mode

-Absorption is the default mode

-Healing Mode is now called Regeneration mode

-Switching in different mode is in alphabetical order

-Regeneration mode texture is now color pink instead of red



Requires Experimental gameplay to toggle on

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Additional Modding Capabilities



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