Expandable Costumes (Beta)


Hi There, I want Share my beta project.

This addon will add more costumes to your survival.

This addon including previous costume addon(Rabbit & Dolphin)

this addon is still beta, I don’t know whether I will continue this project or not.

I am lazy :<



On this addon you will get:

New Costumes:

Rabbit Costumes:

 Rabbit Hat

– Rabbit Jacket

– Rabbit Pants

– Rabbit Boots

Dolphin Costumes:

– Dolphin Hat

– Dolphin Jacket

– Dolphin Pants

– Dolphin Boots

Bat Costumes:

– Bat Hat

– Bat Jacket

– Bat Pants

– Bat Boots

Cat Costumes:

– Cat Hat

– Cat Jacket

– Cat Pants

– Cat Boots


New Items:

– Rabbit Ears

– Dolphin Skin

– Dolphin Fin

– Bat Skin

– Cat Skin

– Cat Ears

New Crafting Recipe:


Rabbit Costumes:

Dolphin Costumes:

Bat Costumes:

Cat Costumes:



Just That, ahhhh… i’m tired… i want to sleep TwT




Don’t Share mediafire link, if you wanna share this addon, just share this page link, please…

and if you wanna showcase this addon ,don’t forget to give my credits.




  1. download this file
  2. install
  3. open minecraft
  4. don’t forget to activate Experimental mode
  5. just that~

creator: GradientStudio


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