MCPE/Bedrock Fire Add-on V0.2



Welcome to the new world of Fire Add-on where incredible creatures were banished from the Nether and created their own place in the overworld you can find magnificent creatures in the magnificent FireBiome biome where there are powerful and mystical creatures.



By MarcoGamer & NovatoGaming and TwitchTube





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Fire Addon:

  • -A new mob for minecraft, it is a guardian of the nether fortresses who was expelled by the wither skeletons and is his natural enemy, he will appear in the overworld and will be alone or in a group, if you kill him he will drop you nether brick of 1 to 5, ancient debris from 0 to 1.



  • -Another mob added, a turtle that comes from the depths of the lava that could be your pet and will help you fight with any mob this will appear alone or in a group. 
  • -A new added Fire Biome will appear near the bamboo mountains in the overworld.


Fan Art: 

by: Drey


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-A new entity called Blue Ghost was added, it teleports and throws fireballs, and it is found in the nether fortresses, and when hitting you it gives you the effect of nausea for 2 seconds, it is immune to fire and lava, it has 50 health points, when he dies he drops from 0 to 1 ancien debrits, from 5 to 8 blocks of lazuli pencil, from 3 to 5 diamonds
-A new entity called Little Fire was added this is a blue fireball which you find jumping in fire or bathing in lava in the nether, this you can tame with sould torch

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