MCPE/Bedrock Furniture and Decorations Add-on


Furniture and Decorations Add-on


With this add-on add new furniture and decorations to your Minecraft, it works to decorate your house, all the furniture are blocks with 3D models and can be manufactured in survival mode.

Creator: ArathNidoGamer, (Twitter)(Youtube).


This add-on was published on MCBEDROCK.COM, it is not allowed to publish this add-on on other websites or applications of Minecraft Addons without the permission of the creator.

If you will review this add-on for youtube leave credits, put the download link from McBedrock and not put the direct download link or create your own download link or you will receive a complaint.



As this add-on works you need to have Minecraft version installed, to get a piece of furniture you can get it using this command:

/give @p (block)


  • Cat bed: furniture_arathnido:bed_cats
  • Wine bottle: furniture_arathnido:bottle
  • Dog House: furniture_arathnido:dog_house
  • Creeper Cake: furniture_arathnido:creeper_cake
  • Table: furniture_arathnido:table
  • Thor’s hammer: furniture_arathnido:mjolnir
  • Snowman: furniture_arathnido:snowman
  • Old TV: furniture_arathnido:old_tv
  • TV: furniture_arathnido:tv
  • PC: furniture_arathnido:pc
  • Cooked pork: furniture_arathnido:pig_death
  • Chair: furniture_arathnido:chair
  • Workshop chair: furniture_arathnido:chair_2
  • Stuffed bear: furniture_arathnido:teddy_bear
  • Chair (Rotate): furniture_arathnido:silla_rotate
  • Grill: furniture_arathnido:asador
  • Gold youtube plate: furniture_arathnido:boton_plata
  • Silver youtube plate: furniture_arathnido:boton_oro
  • Creeper Lamp: furniture_arathnido:creeper_lamp_off
  • Laptop: furniture_arathnido:laptop
  • Nintedo Switch: furniture_arathnido:nintendo_switch
  • Reactor Arc of Tony Stark: furniture_arathnido:reactor_arc
  • Plush toy from Among Us: furniture_arathnido:toy_among_us
  • Xbox Series X: furniture_arathnido:xbox_series

To get them in survival mode you can make them using these recipes:

  1. Cat bed
  2. Wine bottle
  3. Dog House
  4. Chair
  5. Workshop chair
  6. Creeper Cake
  7. Thor’s hammer
  8. Old TV
  9. Cooked pork
  10. PC
  11. Stuffed bear
  12. TV
  13. Snowman
  14. Table
  15. Chair (Rotate)
  16. Lamp
  17. Creeper Lamp
  18. Laptop
  19. Grill
  20. Gold Youtube plate
  21. Silver Youtube plate
  22. Reactor Arc of Tony Stark
  23. Plush toy from Among Us
  24. Xbox Series X
  25. Nintendo Switch

Flashlights with interaction:

The flashlight and creeper flashlight can interact to turn the flashlight on and off, no redstone mechanism required, you can interact by touching it.


  • Windows 10: Right click.
  • Mobile: Touch block.



  1. Improvements in rotations.
  2. They no longer have the bug when breaking a piece of furniture.



  1. Download Resources .McPack.
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack.
  3. Apply the packs for a world.
  4. Enable “Experimental Gameplay” in the world settings
  5. Create the world.



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