MCPE/Bedrock Golems – Dungeons-style – Add-On



Not your garden variety golems, Minecraft Dungeons style! So far we’ve got lapis golems, cobblestone golems, mossy cobblestone golems, magma golems, snowy golems, netherite golems, obsidian golems, ice golems and end stone golems (found in the End, of course).


Obsidian Golems
Biomes: all
Spawn height: 0-58
Spawn block: obsidian

Netherite Golems
Biomes: nether
Spawn height: 0-27

Ice Golems
Biomes: Ice spikes, frozen river
Spawn block: ice
Light level: 4-13

Snowy Stone Golems
Biomes: extreme hills (underground & surface)
Spawn block: stone

Cobblestone Golems
Spawn height: 20-60
Biomes: Plains, desert, nether (underground & surface)
Spawn block: cobblestone

Magma Golems
AKA the stupid golems (they refused to spawn on magma blocks – I’m probably the dumb one for not figuring it out)
Spawn block: gravel
Biomes: overworld & nether

Mossy Cobblestone Golems
Spawn height: 20-60
Spawn block: mossy cobblestone and mossy bricks (dungeons and strongholds..?)

Lapis Golems
AKA the fun golems. They’re small, fast and deadly.
Spawn height: 0-31
Spawn block: lapis ore (you won’t be seeing many)

End Golems
AKA the teleporting golems
Biomes: the End (but you already guessed this)

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Decreased end golem spawn rate and strength, increased drop value (The End was just a nasty, nasty place). Added the obsidian and ice golems.


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