MCPE/Bedrock Minecraft Dungeons Armor Add-on (Beta)


Minecraft Dungeons Armor Add-on (Beta)


 we have dungeons replicas by ilosemypotato, weapons by sirquackthailand, and blocks by Honkit 26113. But why don’t we have the armors? I’ve spent some time trying to find someone who made the armors, but I couldn’t find any. With the help of people from the ilosemypotato community, I was able to make them. Well, if you were looking for them, here they are;

We have 16 Armors in the beta for now. Future updates will add more. 

-Beenest Armor: 6 armor points 
-Emerald Gear: 7 1/2 armor points 
-Evocation Robe: 5 1/2 armor points -Ember Robe: 5 1/2 armor points -Fox Armor: 6 armor points -Grim Armor: 6 armor points -Highland Armor: 8 armor points -Mercenary Armor: 8 armor points -Mystery Armor: 8 armor points -Reinforced Mail: 7 armor points -Renegade Armor: 8 armor points -Scale Mail: 6 armor points -Spider Armor: 5 1/2 armor points -Stalwart Armor: 7 1/2 -Thief Armor: 5 armor points -Wolf Armor: 6 armor points (If you were curious, the wolf armor is from Dungeons Replicas and I already got permission from ilosemypotato to use it.) 

NOTE: This Addon is still in beta. Which means it is not completed. (Gauntlets on the armors bug out sometimes) Report any bugs if you spot them! ENJOY!

creator: Team Co-Block Add-Ons



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