MCPE/Bedrock Miner Improvements


Miner Improvements


This addon seeks to improve Minecraft in as many ways as possible. More bosses? Check! More Weapons? Check! Chickens laying eggs like a real chicken should? Check! We’ve worked hard to make high-quality textures, models, and behaviors, for a fresh, enjoyable Minecraft experience. Made by me, Bigbadfun1, and DoctorProfessorMahogany.

This Addon Adds (so far):

-5 Bosses,

-9 New Weapons, each with a special right-click ability!

-32 Mobs,

-More difficult AI for new and existing Mobs,

-New Biome, with new structures,

-New Decorative wood type,

With more coming in the future!

Notable Changes:

-Creepers will search for blocks to destroy, mainly targeting structures,

-Powerful Golems spawn and drop diamonds, and other goodies when they die, which is required to craft more powerful weapons,

-Zombies will bust down doors no matter the difficulty,

-Eggs taste good, so why not cook some?

-Chickens can be gold?

-Did that chest just move?

In-Game Images:

Golden Feather:

This item is just really cool, and I want to show it off. The Golden Feather drops from a Golden Chicken. When used the feather will carry the user up 8 blocks, and gently set them back down.


In the future, we plan to add more weapons, mobs, structures, and custom armor! So stay tuned for more!

For general addon help, join our discord server! We post each of our updates there, as well as discuss possible new features. Maybe we will add your idea next?

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– Changed Golem AI, they are stupid once again.

– Added the rare Golden Chicken, which lays golden eggs.

– Added Egg variants

– Added a lot of new underground mobs.

-Weapons can be enchanted!



Be sure to delete any old Miner Improvements versions you may have installed! Once you have done that you can import this file without any issues!

creator: ItzBraden


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