MCPE/Bedrock More Rods Addon (Blaze Rods Update!)


More Rods Addon (Blaze Rods Update!)


Do you know the end rod? It can be placed on the ground like a block! But… there are other rods in the game that can not be placed. Well, this add-on allows you to place down other rods!



The first and only rod in this add-on is the placeable blaze rod! It doesn’t replaces anything in the game and it looks just like the end rod!

Blaze Rod Block:

Identifier: more_rods:blaze_rod_block

It has the exact same hitbox and 3D model that the End Rod has!

It can be placed on all four sides and it emits light!

The crafting recipe is very simple! Just two end rods and one iron ingot!

In the inventory it is just a little bigger than the end rod…


– Bigger than the end rod in the inventory

– It turns grass into dirt

– It can’t be placed down from the blaze rod item


 You can: 

 – look at the code 

 – copy the code 

 – make a YouTube video with the add-on 

 – edit the add-on 


 You can’t:

 – claim this add-on 

 – re-post it with little or big tweaks 



Design: Adobe Photoshop



Please tell me in the comments how can I fix the issues from above and let me some suggestions for future updates!


– Added the behavior pack in the downloads section

– Tweaked the code

creator: Ivirius3668


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