MCPE/Bedrock More Wood Nether Edition (With Warts!)



This addon adds 6 new wood types to the nether, warts included!

It’s still in early developing, so it will gradually update and become better.

You can’t steal the code in any way, but if you ask me in the comments or in discord, you can use the code as a template. You can include this in every private and public mod pack, but you need to leave credits.


This addon and the textures were created by ftere. I started with the idea of adding to Minecraft something needed, and I came up with this.

This are just some of the blocks in the addon.

I want to quickly say that the addon is WIP (work in progress), so it hasn’t all the recipes or all the blocks or biomes that are planned for the final version.

The new 6 woods are:

Chloroeen (from the old more wood addon)

Yellowish (same)

Daywood (new)

Nightwood (new)

Glacier (new)

Organ (new)

For the warts, they have 4 stages:

Stage 1 1 wart dropped

Stage 2/3 different height hitbox 1 wart dropped

Stage 4 2-4 warts dropped

Wither bone meal: obtainable just in creative for now, works to make the new wart grow (normal bone meal works too)

I will probably include this in the more wood addon with other types in a far future, and I will almost surely make a potion addon where the warped warts will be really important. 


Added six wood variants: chloroeen, yellowish, daywood, nightwood, glacier, organ. 


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