MCPE/Bedrock Natural (Nature) Structures V3 (Tropical Edition)



This is my first time using custom models/blocks so if anything wrong with the block’s look (besides shadows) please let me know. This add-on suppose to compliment my Rocks+ addon so please play together. This add-on should add more life/flora to your worlds by using plants or by adding more structures that spawn naturally (like dungeons and ruins) to your world. 

Every update I’ll probably be working on a new biome.

Also chunkifying this add-on helps my sanity so I don’t write these posts forever.

As of V1, it is the Arid Edition

As of V2, it is the Forest Edition

As of V3, it is the Tropical Edition


(Since this add-on focuses on the natural stuff of Minecraft it’ll add vegetation and such.)

Beaches (V3)

Our third biome will be the Beaches/Oceans. I can’t do much with oceans because it’ll constantly spawn on land and leave random patches of water. 

New Blocks!

Seashells (First)

All except the Nautilus Shells can be crafted into bonemeal

Flat Seashells

Tall Seashells

Nautilus Sea Shell (Drops Nautilus shells)


Driftwood (Drops around 0-3 oak planks)

Beach Pebbles (Drops polished Andesite, Diorite, Granite)

Turtle Nests

Sometimes Spawns in Water for some reason

Spawns with Dead Leaves and sometimes dead coral

“Palm” Trees

Palm trees generate around the beaches as well as the random things on the floor. 

Of course more Variants


Coconut Tree


Gives you 1 1/2 hunger. 

Some Other Changes V3

  • Instead of having 1 light emission blocks now have 0
  • All custom blocks have their own sound!
  • Hopefully, Bush Hitboxes are fixed
  • Some placement changes.


Forests and Birch Forests (V2)

Our second Biome is the Forests (Excluding Flower Forests, They’ll come later 😉 )

Starting with the New Blocks!

(Mushrooms technically already existed before but they’re actually used)

Sticks Piles

Drops around 1-3 sticks, Spawns all over the ground where trees spawn! (Biome-wise)


Since I didn’t have access while creating my Rocks+ addon, I decided to just add it to add more ambience to everywhere.

They drop new item Pebbles. Pebbles can be crafted into cobblestone or arrows or place it back onto the ground. 

Wood Slabs/Variants

Drops 1 of each log types, currently not craftable

Mossy Logs (Used in Dead Logs)

Drops 0-3 Oak planks

Oak/Normal Forests

Dead Logs/Trunks

Variant 1

Variant 2

There are also variants on the dead log Minecraft has added

Variant 1

Variant 2 and 3

Big tree 

Definitely more Variants

Birch Forests

Snow Background so you can see better

Variant 1-3 ( Varying Height)

Variant 4

Red Mushrooms only generates naturally by itself in Birch Forests

Birch Dead Logs

Variant 1

Variant 2 (A lot of red mushrooms)



Birch Bush (Spawns in Forests and Birch Forests)

Oak Bushes (Spawns in Oak Forests Only)

Bug Fixes V2:

  • Bush hitboxes very off
  • Some Cactus related stuff and how they can be placed
  • Lighting glitches
  • Textures



I’ve Revamped Deserts because I thought they looked kind of odd with the blocky cacti!

With Rtx On (Cactus shiny)

Firstly Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Awful Hitboxes of the thorns by removing the collision entirely
  • Removed all of the old cactus types
  • Bush Hitboxes kind of fixed (They’re still experimental)
  • Thorns now don’t emit light and have a horrible black box!

New Cacti 

Variant 1

Variant 2

Variant 3 (No rtx lol)

Variant 4-6 (Different Heights)

Variant 7

Variant 8

Giant Cactus still here

Cactus Parts

Use Cacti to craft all Cactus related pieces in the stonecutter!

(Don’t mind some of the textures, they’re textured on all sides!)

Can only be put on Sand!
The rest of the Desert stuff is in!


Deserts (V1) (Old Cacti not in V1.5+)

So far in Deserts, I have added a lot of cacti!

But first the new blocks!

Starting with the Cactus Stem, Drops itself (Subject to Change) and can be crafted into pricks. Can Only be Places on Sand/Itself and normal cactus. 

Cactus Flower (Also subject to change) Drops itself doesn’t do much as of right now. Same block placement limitation as the Stem.

Cactus Thorns, Doesn’t do damage because of limitations, but they compliment the cactus stem. All orientations are different blocks because I haven’t figured how to condense it. Only be able to be placed on Cactus Stems. Emits light to reduce that shadow box thing.

Giant Cactus (Only appears in Deserts)

They have water inside (Like real cacti)


Variety 1

When cactus generate the orientation can sometimes mess up the thorns. 

Variety 2

Variety 3

Dead Trees


Burnt Log

Non-Flammable, Will drop itself or Coal, so a very early starter kit. Can be crafted into black dye.

Spawns near these “Lava Pools” only in Deserts.


Dead Leaves(V3)

Only spawns as of V3 in Turtle Nests, Will spawn naturally around forests and such soon.

Bushes! (V2) 

Only if you have bums_Crops downloaded it’ll drop Peppers and Strawberries! (bums_crops)

If you don’t it’ll drop sweet berries and oak leaves.

Bushes! (V1)

Spawn Everywhere except deserts and mesas

Spawns with Coarse Dirts

They can drop sticks, berries, and itself. 

Fungi (Doesn’t Spawn Naturally Yet)V1.5

Craftable though


Credit to Machine_Builder for his FRG.

Credit to Blockbench for easy creations of the models.

Do not reupload this addon without permission 

If you want to include this addon please ask in the comments below and if you would like to modify anything please let me know!

I’m also open to suggestions on structures!


Changes V3

Instead of having 1 light emission blocks now have 0

All custom blocks have their own sound!

Hopefully, Bush Hitboxes are fixed

Some placement changes.

All blocks have been updated to 1.16.200 format version



Delete Previous Versions if using a Newer Version! 

Or else it’ll say duplicate pack detected. 

Always download the newest Resource Pack (RP) so you can see the blocks 

Download both packs and make sure there both applied. Turn on all 3 things for addons and it should work.



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