MCPE/Bedrock Old Villagers Addon V5 – Random Update



Hi this is my fourth submission and first addon, this addon just add new mob and not texture/replaced new villagers, there is no specially things in my addon but useful for some people (maybe), here the description:



This addon adds the old villager and doesn’t replace the new villager, and has an old trading ui that works (probably works) This addon is specifically for people who like old villagers but don’t want to change textures or remove new villagers, well if that’s you then this addon can fulfill your needs


I don’t know if this addon requires experimental gameplay, for sure this addon almost works on all devices (I tried it on win10) suitable for village-themed maps


  • Old Villager Naturally Spawn In Plain Biome (Day Time)
  • Old Villager Trading UI Can’t Work (I’ll trying to fixed that)
  • Old Zombie Villager Naturally Spawn In All Overworld Biome (Night Time)
  • Old Zombie Villager Has Same Behavior Like Other Zombies (Attack Player,Villager, Burned In Day Time etc)
  • Old Zombie Villager Drop Rotten Flesh And Carrot If They are Die
  • Old Totem Is New Stuff And Not Re-textured New Totem
  • Old Totem Can Be Crafted (Look The Picture Below)
  • Old Totem Has 4 Effects: Fire Resistance,Strength,Regeneration, And Water Breathing, Also The Effect Unlimited (only if you carrying old totem)
  • Mysterious Merchant Will Spawn In All Biome On Overworld
  • Mysterious Merchant Trading Is Same Like Wandering Trader
  • Classic Pillager Has Bug, When Classic Pillager Shoot With Crossbow, Their Hand Is Has No Animation And Not Raised As Normal Pillager
  • Illager Beast Is A Prototype, It Mean Their Model Is Still In Development
  • Ruby Is An Useless Item That Can Be Crafting (Look The Picture Below)
  • Zombie Pigman Naturally Spawn In Nether 
  • Old Witch Naturally Spawn In Swamp Biome But Kinda Rare
  • Old Drowned Actually Is Hooded But In Bedrock It Didn’t Work
  • Old Drowned Naturally Spawn In Ocean Biome
  • For Your Information Classic Villager Isn’t An Old Mob It Just Secret Mob In File
  • Steve Villager Texture Is Broken Indeed, But It Was Original Texture
  • Old Fishes Hunger Point Is Different Each Other And Only Pufferfish That Has Effect
  • Old Fishes Can Be Crafted And Cooked (Look The Picture Below)

enough explanation, this is the picture:

Old Villagers

Old Trading UI

Spawn Egg Texture

Old Zombie Villager Has 2 Variants:

1. Normal Old Zombie Villagers

2. Classic Old Zombie Villagers

Mysterious Merchant

Classic Pillager

Illager Beast (prototype)

Old Witch

Old Drowned

Zombie Pigman

Classic Villager (1.14 Basic Villager)

Steve Hybrid Villager

Old Totem Of Undying



1. Old Cod

2. Old Salmon

3. Old Pufferfish

4. Cooked Old Fishes

Crafting Recipes:

1. Old Totem

2. Ruby

3. Old Fishes

Cooking Recipes:

1. Old Cod

2. Old Salmon


Requires Experimental Gameplay

This Addon originally made by me and my idea

You can contact me into my instagram account:



Classic Zombie Villagers Suggested By Haydencraft2008

Mysterious Merchant Suggested By Haydencraft2008

Classic Pillager Suggested By Haydencraft2008

Illager Beast Suggested By Haydencraft2008

Old Totem Suggested By 3SXOPE

Some Mob Skin (Almost All) Is Downloaded And Taken From thanks for user who let me used their mob skin pack

You Are Not Allowed to Reupload Into MCBedrock Or Other Website and app without my consent


Added More Pictures
  1. Added Classic Villager, Zombie Pigman, Old Witch, Old Drowned And Steve Villager
  2. Added Cooking Recipes Section
  3. Added New Foods: Old Fishes
  4. Sorry for now i’m not put suggesters name because i forgot the name one of them, so it will unfair if i only added some suggesters
  5. This Addon Has player.json file! it mean it will not work with other addon contains player.json, except you merge them



  1. Download file .mcaddon below 
  2. Click file and it will automatic import
  3. If you having problem about importing mcaddon, try to change file into .zip and extract the file
  4. Enjoy The Addon



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