MCPE/Bedrock Project MineWorld 1.0.0 (Reboot)


Project MineWorld 1.0.0 (Reboot)


This addon adds several features to your Minecraft world, from hostile mobs and mythological creatures, to animals that exist or existed in the world.

It also adds several new features, such as variations in the colors of some animals, turning animals into legendary creatures, etc.


In this Addon you can find many animals and various enemies, in addition to being able to create potions and weapons that can give you extra effects.

Red Panda

The red panda is a pacific mob that you can tame with apples, bamboo, eggs, sweet berries and mushrooms, once domesticated you can equip any of the backpacks and the carry the objects you put inside. The red panda appears in the mountains and forests with a slightly less chance.


There are 4 breeds of dogs (soon more will be added), the Husky, the Black Mouth Cur, the Chihuahua and the Cocker Spaniel. Each dog appears in a different biome, the Husky appears more frequently in the cold plains, the Black Mouth Cur appears in the plains, the Chihuahua appears in the savana and the Cocker Spaniel appears in the plains and in the savana. They can be found in more biomes but very infrequently. They may also have variants of color in the eyes and the color of the fur.

They can have 3 behaviors, aggressive, happy and weak, when it is aggressive attracts other dogs and the player, when he is happy he can give gifts when he is of day and when he is weak walks slower and has less life.


The whale can be found in non-cold oceans, can appear from 1 to 4 and when dying loose blubber, which can be used as food or create torches and lamps


The jellyfish can appear in non-cold oceans, can appear in 4 variants and can have 2 behaviors, aggressive against all mobs or passive. One of the 4 variants at death can drop its poison so the player can create poison potions.


The hunter is a illager that flys over and attacks the player, can drop silver dust, strange meat or hunter essence.


The betelgeuse is a monster that does not damage its fire, appears in the mountains and has a larger variant, the primal Betelgeuse. The Betelgeuse hunts at night and has a roar capable of throwing back all the animals that are close to it. They can release scales and can sometimes release their heart, the primal betelgeuse can loosen schizophies which the player can use to create a knife.


The wolf dog is a hybrid and can be obtained by crossing a husky with a wolf. It has the same characteristics as a dog except that you can not breed more wolf dogs.


The nautilus is found in all oceans, from it you can have the nautilus shells




The nectocaris is an extinct marine animal in real life, here in this update the nectocaris will walk through all the oceans


The phoenix appears in the mountains, constantly attacks the pigs and the player. When the phoenix dies, it drops an egg from which another phoenix will soon come out, which is advisable to destroy that egg. Phoenix can drop feathers which can be used for phoenix elixir


The kitsune must be summoned by giving a mysterious stone to a fox, when given a mysterious stone will become a kitsune, depending on the type of fox could come out a kitsune of fire or the original kitsune (the kitsune of fire comes out by giving a mistic stone to the red fox and the original kitsune to the arctic fox). The fire kitsune can be tamed with the fire opal, the normal opal or a blaze stick. The original kitsune can be domesticated with water opal, normal opal and compressed ice. If you give stardust, it can give you a valuable reward.

The fire kitsune hurts the water, so keep it out of the water!!!


The coyote can appear in the mountains and can be domesticated, unlike dogs the coyote has no variation in eye color or fur.

Shadow bird

The shadow bird appears in the shadow forest and attacks rabbits and chickens. It can be domesticated with wheat seeds or beet seeds. When you die you can drop a DarKrystal that can only be used for eating, you will soon have more uses.


The alligator can be found in the swamps, attacks all the mobs that are close to it, taking more priority to sheep and players. Sometimes he’s going to go to the water for a swim and sometimes he’ll be on the ground walking around the worldlooking for food.


The machines have begun to leave the caves and are very aggressive with the players. Some machines have evolved up to such an extent that monster some monsters, such as Ghast and Enderman.

Project MineWorld 1.0 – Reboot

In this version everything that exists has been renewed. Removed some blocks and elements that do not serve within the addon, such as amber, runes, mineral powders, or baboon.
New features have also been added, elixirs replace essences, the technology table where you can create all the objects that have relationship with machines, iridium, bronze, silver and sombrita armor, and many more things.
No new animals were added in this update, as this update is emphasized in the blocks and update all the code to the new version.


  • There are several items that cannot be created in survival (glacier sword, twilight sword), these items can be found in chests or by trading with merchant machines.
  • Bag, Improved Bag & Improved Bag II
  • Base elixir
  • Betelgeuse elixir
  • Hunter elixir
  • Drowner elixir
  • Phoenix elixir
  • Undead elixir
  • Shadow Potion + Invisibility effect
  • Strange Meat
  • Blubber
  • Berry Wine
  • Onyx
  • Peridot
  • Sapphire
  • Shungite
  • Aquamarine
  • Opal (Fire, Water & Normal)
  • Silver Ingot & Silver Nugget
  • Crystals (Argentite, Calaverite, Limonite, Magnetite, Siderite & Sylvanite)
  • Betelgeuse items (Flake, Splinter & Heart)
  • Mystical stone & Fragment for Mystical stone
  • Beacon
  • Beef jerky
  • Bleach
  • DarKrystal
  • Shadow Cookie
  • Swords
  • Double Swords
  • Knifes
  • Tools
  • And much more!!!
  • Ores ( Silver, Aquamarine, Onyx, Peridot, Shungite, Sapphire, Argentite, Calaverite, Limonite, Magnetite, Siderite & Sylvanite)
  • Shadow blocks (Log, Planks, Leaves, Grass & Dirt)
  • Red dirt
  • Asphalt
  • Stellar block
  • Peridotite
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Mountains
  • Plateau
  • Shadow Forest




Berry wine

Beef jerky

Torch & Lantern


Mystical Stone

Shadow blocks



Double Swords








More Mobs!!!

All blocks!!!

New weapons & Tools

Other items!!!

Here you can report all the errors you find, you can also publish what you want to be added Discord

Project MineWorld 1.0


  • Bronze, silver, iridium and sombrite tools and armor
  • Iridium
  • Xero And Stellar Potion
  • Sword Gloom – When used can give invisibility to the user
  • Glacier sword
  • Tech sword
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Technology table
  • Xero Flower


  • Updated all add-on code to version 1.16.100+
  • Minor changes in many textures
  • Minor changes in mineral generation
  • Changes in the manufacture of elixirs and potions – Now they are created in the distiller
  • Change in addon name – Now it’s called Project MineWorld
  • Removed several blocks and objects – Amber, Runes, Essences, Hammers, Mineral Powder
  • The baboon has been removed



Please activate the experimental game button to have all the features of this addon


Before installing the new version, remove the old version of this add-on



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