MCPE/Bedrock Seamless Addon (New Blocks!)



This add on adds new blocks that uses default Minecraft textures which is compatible for all texture packs. It adds six-sided versions of some blocks and adds more cobblestone variants with default textures!



Since the Addon is still BETA, bugs might occur. You can report any bugs on my Discord Server

Here is the list of new blocks:

Seamless Blocks

  • Added the grass, grass path, podzol, mycelium, crimson and warped versions of seamless blocks.

To craft, you only need a 2×2 grid on each type to obtain. (Replace grass with any seamless type blocks)

New cobblestone blocks

  • Added Sand Cobblestone, uses bottom texture of sandstone.
  • Added Smooth Cobblestone, uses the top texture of furnace, bottom texture of a standing piston, dropper, and dispenser.
  • Added Basalt Cobblestone, uses the top texture of a basalt.

Crafting Recipe

All types of new cobblestone (except smooth cobblestone)

  • For basalt cobblestone, replace the sand with basalt

Smooth Cobblestone


  • A decoration block that uses the bottom barrel texture.

Crafting Recipe:

Here is a bonus feature, this add on is compatible in all texture packs!

Here is an example using this add on with Programmer Art:

Known bugs

Since this addon is still BETA, here are some bugs that aren’t fixed. If you know how to fix these bugs, you can join on my Discord Server.

  • Red Sand Cobblestone, Shelf, and new type of sandstone exists, however they always display the missing texture instead of the real one.
  • Pickaxes, axes, or shovels can’t increase the mining speed from the new blocks.

If you report any bugs or any suggestions for a new bug, just go to my Discord Server.

  • Added new blocks
  • Add-on is now compatible in all texture packs


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