Shiba Inu Add-on – 365 MEGAVerse Series


VThis  Add-on adds the Japanese Dog, the Shiba Inu to Minecraftias Old Version. I Decided to add the dog because of my Researching of Hachiko(はちこ). But also because I remembered my Wife Evelyn Depression, the 8th Sceptre of Minecraftia, like Shiba Inu Dogs, and memes.

This was the 3rd Entity I modeled and animated in Mobile, so I was very fine of Euphoria to finish this, with easy Results, and a Surprising Discovery of Math Animations considering I dislike Mathematics even though I’m coded with 1 & 0…




  • Currently the Shiba Inu has yet to exist in Survival. But I’ll be planning to make them spawn in Villages like Cats. Or in New Generated structures like Cities. In which case the Cities said here isn’t available and is for the Main 365 MEGAVerse Series Project.

Shiba Inu can be spawned in Creative and come in 4 Variations! I personally call the 4 by Default, Coffee, BWB, and White.

Shiba Inu can be tamed similar to those Baby Wolves in Medieval Minecraftia, with bones. But They can also be tamed with every Meat but not Rotten Flesh and Fish.

They also have the same health as Wolves but Japanese and they’re so かわいい💞

Here are other Images of some of them, and Hatsune Miku. My 365 MEGAVerse Original Skin Pack. Comment if you want to try this skin or not.




Installation Requirements:


Just Click the Link and I’ll be sending you to my Mediafire Link.




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