Tired because shulker only dropped 1 shulker shell. You’re tired of walking around the ends but all you get are a few shulker shells .use this add-on to create shulker drop

You don’t need to be tired, you only need one shulker to make 1 shulker box.


How do i think about making this add-on ??

Initially I often saw the YouTube series Immocraft. they have a system for dropping 2 shulker shells. from that series I thought to make the system ‘the same and work on my device. hence the birth of Shulker +

how it works ??

everything works automatically all you have to do is install mcpack and mcaddon packages, then go to the end and kill shulker then you will get 2 shulker shells.

NB: activating the add-on will turn off the achievement

Bug ??

so far I haven’t found any bugs. but if you find it do not hesitate to contact me at Discord NightRaidID # 0893

NB: I haven’t tried this on windows 10




minor fixes 

Update download link

Please support me so that it can continue to grow



download the mcpack and mcaddon files, then install where they must be.



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