MCPE/Bedrock Simple Minibike Add-On


Simple Minibike Add-On


A simple add-on that gives you a new way of transportation. This add-on includes two simple minibikes as well as their own custom sounds and crafting recipes. They also have inventories and special spawn eggs.


In order to craft the red minibike’s spawn egg you will need five iron ingots and two redstone (see picture). For the blue minibike you will need to have the red spawn egg and one piece of blue dye (see picture). To ride the minibikes right click on them. If you are on PE, there should be a button that says “ride”. Once you are on the minibike, use wasd to drive (or d-pad if you’re on PE). 

A special thanks to Ashminggu

This add-on was created by ItsDandD

Check out my YouTube

Crafting recipe:



You can also obtain the minibike (without the spawn egg) by putting /summon minibike:red or minibike:blue in the chat.




You will need both the Resource pack and the Behavior pack!

Make sure the Resource pack and the Behavior pack are above any

other pack you have!



New blue color Minibike added! New pictures and a new crafting recipe for the blue Minibike as well.


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