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One day I was watching Hermitcraft and saw an “Ender Pearl Stasis Chamber”; something that held ender pearls in a bubble column so when you closed the trapdoor on top, the ender pearl would hit the closed trapdoor and the thrower would be teleported back. I found this extremely interesting and useful if I went on a long journey and wanted a quick way home, or if I was in a call with friends, suddenly fell into lava and didn’t want to lose everything. I tried to make that in Bedrock edition, but it wouldn’t work due to the behaviors of Bedrock edition’s ender pearls. This pack allows you to have a “sneaky” form of ender pearl gravity that, while not letting the pearl travel far, would make it compatible with the Java design.



Sneaky Ender Pearls allows your pearls to work in a bubble elevator by modifying their behaviors to act similarly to eggs (not travelling very far, but it doesn’t have liquid inertia). Ender pearls will work normally unless yousneakwhile throwing them, in which case they will become gravity-compatible. Ender pearls with affected gravity will not travel very far.

The ender pearl will only work if you stay in loaded chunks (a future update might be able to fix this). There is no change made to the cost or ways to obtain ender pearls, this behavior pack is just a small modification of how far the pearl travels and how it acts in bubble columns (yes, endermites still spawn!)

You might want to build your “summoning machine” far away from public eyes because anyone can close the trapdoor while you’re offline and your method of returning will be destroyed. You can have multiple ender pearls in each column, but it isn’t recommended. Any entities that touch the pearl will have the same effect as closing the trapdoor (although this doesn’t seem to count with other ender pearls).
I have created a YouTube video documenting the Bedrock edition ender pearl stasis chamber:


I hope you have fun using my pack! Please remember to credit me in any videos, servers or other projects you use my pack in.


I modified the post and added a larger introduction and description to make the post slightly more detailed and understandable.


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