MCPE/Bedrock Ultimate Tools Addon (1.16) Update!



Hello there. Meet Ultimate Tools! this is a plugin. adds 2 new items to your game. Both are very powerful items. one breaks what is not broken, and the other destroys what is not destroyed in one shot. We also used the ultimate sword in starfury texture. It looked beautiful too. Stay alert at any moment. good luck 😇




Firstly. meet these two new items. Bedrock Breaker and Ultimate Sword. these are called Ultimate Tools. one more thing. We put a bedrock recipe for you to produce bedrock. here is more information;

Bedrock Breaker

This item breaks the bedrock that is not broken, just touch it and it is enough to break it.

  • What breaks: the bedrock
  • Attack damage: 3 hearts
  • Can be done with a work desk?: yes
  • Endurance: breaks in 10 hits

Ultimate Sword

This item is so powerful that it kills every asset in one hit. Save for rare dragon. Because it breaks quickly.

  • What it can kill: it kills everything in one shot.
  • Attack damage: 5000 hearts
  • Can be done at the work desk?: yes
  • Endurance: breaks in 3 hits.


We just added a recipe to the bedrock. you will be hard to do.

this addon is survival friend !. you can take a video and put it on the internet. specify the download link of this addo where you will share it. You are responsible for what happens if you claim that your cat is doing !.

report bugs!

don’t forget to comment!

Resul Yılmaz greet the master.


What has changed with this version;

Big error in molds fixed

The game is smoother now

– Unbroken bedrock issue fixed

Game optimized

A few small new details have been added

Bugs solved



First we wait 5 seconds when the link is opened. Then we click the Skip the advertisement button. Then click the download button from the link that appears.

  • download file
  • click the share button
  • transfer to minecraft!



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