MCPE/Bedrock Valhalla Guards by Ronnie McDee


Valhalla Guards by Ronnie McDee


Big changes, fixes, and updates! I’ve been testing a beta for a while now and I believe it is ready for release!


This mod adds 6 new mobs(Archers, Crossbowman, Healers, Knights, Lords, and Mages) to the game that will naturally spawn in and protect villages.


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Knights, Archers, and Crossbowman now properly wear their helmets! Thank you so much @Withnout

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Movement Modes

To change the movement mode interact with any of the Valhalla Guards Units while holding the listed item.
If a Valhalla Guard Unit is tamed, you can change their movement mode to any movement mode below to “un-tame” them and reset their movement mode.
  • Garrison: Bell (Default)
    • The mob will stay towards the center of the village. Will sometimes go towards the outskirts, but will always find their way back(if path is not blocked).
  • Patrol: Campfire
    • The mob will stick to the outskirts of the village. Will patrol nicely on the outskirts and stay there, but can easily be outnumbered if alone.
  • Positioned: Clock
    • The mob will not move, cannot be knocked back, and cannot be pushed.
  • Follow: Gold Nugget
    • The mob will become tamed and will follow you.


While holding a banner the Valhalla Guard Mob will follow you.

  • Any Banner

Targeting /Mob interactions

  • Should Attack:
    • Monsters
    • Illagers
  • Should Never Attack:
    • Players
    • Valhalla Guard Mobs
    • Creepers
    • Iron Golems
    • Villagers
  • Flee
    • Archers, Healer, Mage
      • Monsters
      • Illagers

Spawning and Transformations

I have completely changed the Spawning Mechanics. Now they will spawn all the time, but they will despawn if they are not in a village. (Will only occur if they spawn naturally, so you can use spawn eggs outside of villages.)
To transform the mob interact with any of the Valhalla Guards Units while holding the listed item.
  • Transform to Archer: Arrow
  • Transform to Crossbowman: (Must be Archer) Crossbow
  • Transform to Lord: Nether Star
  • Transform to Guard: Wooden Sword
  • Transform to Mage: Stick
  • Transform to Healer: Book
  • Transform to Villager: Bed

Equipment /Modes

Valhalla Guard Mobs each have different equipment available to them. When they Spawn or Transform they will re-roll their armor. Armor will now be equipped by piece and will use your custom armor textures! 
To change the equipment interact with any of the Valhalla Guards Mobs while holding the listed item.
Does not work with enchantments or effects unless otherwise stated.
  • Any armor type and material!
    • Does not affect health.


  • Crossbow
    • Crossbowman


  • Any Axe or Sword!
    • Wooden Axe/Sword: 3/4 damage
    • Stone Axe/Sword: 4/5 damage
    • Iron Axe/Sword: 6/7 damage
    • Golden Axe/Sword: 3/4 damage
    • Diamond Axe/Sword: 8/9 damage
    • Netherite Axe/Sword: 10/11 damage


  • Armor Stand
    • Unarmed: Armor Stand(50hp. Fire Aspect 1, Sharpness 3)
    • Armored: Armor Stand(75hp, Fire Aspect 1, Sharpness 3)

Zombie Variants

When a unit is killed by a zombie they will transform into a Zombie Variant. When healed they will turn back into their original unit. While they are a zombie variant the will not use weapons.


Currently Implemented Zombie Variants: Archer, Crossbowman, Knight, Healer, and Mage.

All that is left is the Zombie Lord!



A special thanks to everyone that has helped in my discord! 

Mr. Puppy
and many others!


Updated the sound files for the new mobs that were added!



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creator: RonnieMcDee



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