MCPE/Bedrock Wasps and Grasshoppers Addon



Whoever thought wasps would be fun are crazy. Oh. That was me..?? I guess they have some redeeming features. Right? They’re yellow and black, pretty. They sting a lot. They’re real hard to hit. They got flappy wings. Super annoying. Wait, some of these aren’t features at all! I think you’ll grow to love them anyway. We sure have.

And… let’s not forget grasshoppers! Um, who??



Bug Zappers

Yes, we now have bug zappers! No more rude fishing interruptions, only the sounds of electrical wasp disassembly; wonderful.


Instructional video (no, it’s not):


The latest (and last?) addition to the Wasps pack, they will hop around and do not much else. You can tame them though (pumpkin seeds, beetroot seeds) and breed them (wheat, wheat seeds). They don’t hurt anything, they just look (sort of) cute and will follow you around. They will spawn in plains and taiga biomes.



You’ll find these little beasties in the Plains biomes, mostly, but also forests. They don’t drop a whole lot, yellow dye, maybe. But what do you expect?? They’re tiny! Not as tiny as earth wasps, but still quite tiny! You should be thankful you get anything…. They sting! Yes they do. You’ve been warned….


Pro tip: bring along a pet that loves to much those things down. Direwolves and Giant Ants are just the ticket. I reckon Iron Golems would take a swing at them too, haven’t tested that out.

Pro, pro tip: bring along a bug zapper.

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Added the bug zapper, which zaps wasps (but not the oh-so-cute grasshoppers). Made a few changes to the wasps as well (minor) and fixed an animation issue.




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