MCPE/Bedrock Weak Planks



This Add-On adds 8 new weak wood blocks to the game.

If new plank variants are added, I will update this Add-On.

You may use the code in this Add-On to learn, but must not Copy+Paste. I have also put a download link to the resource pack (.zip file) in the Downloads section so you can make texture packs if you wish

This Add-On can be included in any Add-On Packs / Add-Ons as long as credit is given.



Each weak plank type in this Add-On has 5 stages of weakness: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. If the player or any other entity (including items) is on the block, the stage will increase every 0.6 seconds.

All 5 stages can be seen below

When the entity steps off of the block it will keep its weakness and when stepped on again, will carry on breaking from its stage. After stage 4 the block will break causing anything on top of it to fall.


To obtain the weak planks smelt the desired plank type in a furnace.


If you want to make traps, these are great blocks for you! You can hide the weak planks under carpets, without stopping them from cracking when stepped on.

creator: QuazChick


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