Are you disappointed the JackFrostMiner hasn’t uploaded a single video or have been active on the internet at all?

Yeah, me too.

      But maybe a new world that is sort of a remaster of the original Frostywood world and let’s play would cheer us up?

      Maybe a whole new world that aims to remaster and recreate the original Frostywood world and let’s play! It has new blocks, ideas, and structures! Have fun playing!

       Of course, the let’s play and the world are still amazing and you should check it out! I just felt that maybe I could try to recreate the original Frostywood world but with new blocks and ideas! 

      Ever since the 1.16 and 1.14 updates, they are new blocks and mobs to be explored! Plus with the nether update, I can imagine a new world that will never be as awesome as the original but as least some what cool!

Images of the first world download:

This is the map room, pretty much the same.

The is the underground area with the two hallways.

This is the storage room.

Here, I actually used real lanterns instead of pumpkins!

The mob spawner room (still not finished) 

The main balcony.

The main “front lawn.” 

Images of second world download:

The main balcony (not many changes to be seen except more torches)

Mob spawner room has finally been finished!

The underground area with the two hallways (not many changes)

The map room with a updated roof with a better floor and entrance!

This is the storage room with a sightly different floor and the furnaces have been moved here too.

The main “front lawn” has pretty much no changes except the tower is pretty much finished from the outside with the roof still needing to be done.

The main base and ravine village floor (no changes really)

Images of the third world download:

The storage room (no changes here really)

The map room (no changes here really)

The “main hub” is now completed! I have spent my most time on this!

I have made this a little smaller than expected, but it is cool otherwise!

The aquarium (I didn’t really have a lot of sea lanterns)

Turtle sanctuary plus a little nursery! The eggs won’t hatch, but it’s for decoration.

The main ravine floor, the only changes here are the weeping/twisting vines, and the fences changing to spruce.

The “tubes” leading back and to the surface.

The mob spawner room (no changes really)

The main balcony looking down to the base.

The main “front lawn” of the basw

      I know JackFrostMiner has uploaded almost 60 episodes of the series, but this is most I can do in a couple of weeks. There is still 1 more world download coming that is ready to upload, but for now I think a simple world to play in is still very cool.

      From now on, the images that don’t have any changes to the last one won’t be posted to make the page much shorter.

Hope you enjoy!

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      If you are going to download from the MediaFire Download Link, tap on the link and you would be sent to a MediaFire download page. From there, tap on the download button and open the .mcworld file once finished! Enjoy playing!

      If you are going to support me, then tap on the second link and you would be sent to Adfly. Please don’t click on any of their ads! I am very serious about this! The ads on their website contain dangerous viruses! You would have to wait 5 seconds and deny any notifications. Tap on the yellow Skip Button on the top right of your screen. You would then be directed to various ad pages, deny any notifications as said above! After that, you would be sent to a MediaFire download page, then follow the instructions above!

      Any version of Minecraft after or on the update of 1.16 should work on this world. 

      Every Bedrock version of Minecraft should work on this world as well, like iOS and Windows 10.

      Tell me if the links are broken and don’t work. I will try to fix them or upload just the files with no links. Also tell me if the world is broken or something seems wrong or if something in the world is broken.


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