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I have created an algorithm that converts music files into minecraft note block sounds. Works on ALL Bedrock platforms. I have chosen 8 pre-made songs but you can add your own custom songs as well! There is a mishmash of songs from classical to memes.

Once you have applied the behavior pack, all you must do is type “/function music/“ and you will see multiple songs you can choose from

Minecraft songs:

/function music/sweden

/function music/wet_hands


/function music/fur_elise

/function music/turkish_march

/function music/faded


/function music/meglovania

/function music/astronomia (coffin dance)

/function music/crab_rave

Do “/tag @a remove ” to stop it from playing

Do not start a song while one is still playing!

Some of this music is great background music, if you do “/function loop/on” it will keep looping a song. Do “/function loop/off” to stop loop.

How to create your own custom song:

This text file will teach you (If someone could make a tutorial video that would be great!)


Creator: Freddricc

(If you use this in a map/ showcase this, please give me proper credits)

Sweden – C418

Wet Hands – C418

Fur Elise – Beethoven

Rondo Alla Turka – Mozart

Faded – Alan Walker

Meglovania – Toby Fox

Astronomia – Vicetone & Tony Igy

Crab Rave – Noisestorm


Supported Minecraft versions


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