Minecraft Dungeons Addon Replicas (Beta)


What if Minecraft Dungeons is in Minecraft Bedrock? Is it fascinating, isn’t it.

Caution Beta !

This add-on try to replicate a Minecraft Dungeons as same as possible from the real game. There are mobs, furniture, and many more that could be introduce ! . It could summon things, Blow things, add a new challenge to you, fight with them, play with them, as long as you can. I very happy to introduce this add-on for many players !

Let’s see what i added :

Corrupted Cauldron

Corrupted Cauldron, the one who makes a potion for the Arch Illager. It’s dark, powerful, but not powerful as you expected to. in this beta, it can only spawn slime up to 7. So be careful with it,

Health : 375

Area Damage : 5 with range up to 1.5

Ability : Summon Slime


Geomancer, the annoying illager who always kill you. this mob could use his staff or stick Should i say to summon Walls and Bomb. He will run from you, catch him !

Health : 30

Ability : Summon Geomancer Wall and Bomb

Mob Spawner

Its the same as the normal one, but it only could summon a zombie. in this beta, there are still no particle’s or effect.

Health : 100

Ability : Summon Zombie

The Nameless One

The Ancient one, who rule the undead. wake from his death to keep and defend the scepter. He’s listening to you summon a skeleton vanguard to guard. in this beta, it could only summon. It still doesnt have a particle, i will add it in the next beta update.

Health : 450

Area Damage : 5 with range up to 1.5

Ability : Summon Skeleton Vanguard

Redstone Cube

Walk, Attack, Walk, and attack. Summoned by Redstone Monstrosity to guard him and to kill YOU ! .

Health : 30

Attack : 4

Redstone Golem

Make by the Arch Illager, raided the land, destroy all the village. in this beta, it could only attack.

Health : 315

Attack : 20

Skeleton Vanguard

Spear… Spear… defend the desert temple and guided it king. It will attack you whenever you see him while walk.

Health : 35

Attack : 5


A ghost, ya it’s a ghost. It attack you and give a wither effect. in this beta, it could only attack.

Health : 35

Attack : 5

Jungle Zombie

Brains… Brainss.. .Same as the normal one but effect you with poison.

Health : 20

Attack : 3

Mossy Skeleton

Shoot you with an arrow. in this beta, it could only shoot a normal arrow.

Health : 25

Attack : 8

Poison Qull Vine

A plant who shoot you, kill you. corrupted by the orb. in this beta it could only shoot but with no poison effect.

Health : 80

Attack : 7

Quick Growing Vine

Block you from passing. Kill the vines, it may let you pass.

Health : 50

Area Damage : 1 with range up to 1

Frozen Zombie

Brr.. Brrr…. . This is the only mob that i could add in this type of DLC. It could shoot snowball.

Health : 26

Attack : 6


1. Extract the files,

2. Move it to you ” resource pack ” and ” behavior pack ” folder,

3. In Minecraft, make sure to turn on the add-on.


Supported Minecraft versions


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