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Steal your friends items, troll them, and more, but do it all unseen. Using SuperVanish, you can completely Vanish from one second to the other. When imported into a World, just Type /function v to Vanish or Unvanish. You can see through Walls, walk through the Smallest Spaces, such as the Space between a Chest and a Wall and even Look through one Block above your head.

Once Installed to your world as seen down below, all you have to do is type /function v or /function vanish to Vanish…

…or Unvanish again. When Vanished, you can troll your Friends, steal their Items and watch Hackers – but do it all unseen.

See through blocks – just walk up to them.

Walk in very Small Spaces, such as the Space between a Chest and a Wall

All your Armor and Items are fully Invisible

No Setup Required

©2020. All Rights Reserved.

Made by d6b

If you have any Suggestions or Ideas on new features to add, tell me in the Comments down below 🙂

  • Fixed a Way Hackers could see you in Vanish when using Tracers/ESP
  • Vanished People should now be hidden on Locator Maps

  • Added my Discord Server Invite Link so if people have Problems, they can get Help there!

  • Added new Download Link
  • Releasing my own new Website: d6b.dev
  • Added Adf.ly Download Links for better Compatibility with Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Console

Update 2.0 

Updated Description

Added Ability to Fit through even the Smallest Holes

Armor doesn’t need to be Removed in order to Vanish anymore.

Design Updated

  1. You are able to see through blocks and walls, by just walking against them. In this way, you can spy your friends base, or watch Hackers without them even noticing you are there.
  2. You can walk in very small spaces, such as you can walk between a chest and a Wall.
  3. When holding an item, only You will be able to see this Item. For other Players, at the Location where you are, will only be air.
  • Changed the Name in the Ingame Pack Description/manifest.json file to my new Minecraft name: „d6b“

Added Two additional Mediafire Downloads for the Core and Coreless Version

  • Added a second Version That does Not require Core to run
  • Core automatically creates tickingarea, so it doesn‘t have to be always loaded
  • Core automatically disables gamerule commandblockoutput, so it doesn‘t get so spammy


  • Download the Addon/Plugin
  • Click „Open in Minecraft“
  • Go to Minecraft > Your World > Behaviour Packs
  • Click on the Pack, then click „Activate“
  • And Enter your World
  • /function v to Vanish/Unvanish


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)
RTX Beta

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