Mob Towers – A Battle Towers Addon (Update)


Hello Everyone! I’m AnimeSam and I am bringing you an Addon that Generates Mob Tower Dungeon throughout Your Worlds. There are 8 Different Mob Towers to be found and conquered. I Hope You Enjoy 🙂

This addon includes 8 Different Dungeons called Mob Towers into You Worlds:

Stone Tower – All Biomes

Cobble Tower – All Biomes

Dessert Tower – Dessert, Mesa, Savannah

Mesa Tower – Mesa, Dessert, Savannah

Sea Tower – Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Beach, Shore

Ice Tower – All Cold Biomes

Nether Tower – All Biomes RARE

Mossy Tower – Jungles, Swamps, Tiaga

All of the Eight Different Mob Towers will spawn naturally in you world.

At the top most floor of every Mob Tower, the Player will encounter a new Mini Boss; The Tower Golem:

The Tower Golem drops Loot not unlike the Iron Golem, though no Poppy’s. They also drop 1-3 Diamonds! They Also have 150HP, and Attack the Player by shooting Fireballs out of it Eye.

Once The Tower Golem has been Defeated, The Tower Will Begin to “Fall” By Slowly Blowing Up one floor at a time, and then Crumble to about only 3-4 Floors remaining.

For more information please hop over to my YT and check out my latest MobTowers video!


*I have removed the AntiCheese/AntiGreifing measures!

*removed the Eye of Ender drop

*updated Downloads

*New Mossy Tower

*Mob Variants by Tower Type*

*Retextured Tower Golem*

*Updated Tower Golem Attack To Ranged(FireBall)

*Anti-Cheese Measures*

*Tower Destruction Animations*


Once You have Downloaded the .mcaddon file, and located where you saved it.

Windows 10 – Just Double click the .mcaddon file

Mobile – Untested

XBox – Reported Not Working

PS4 – unable

Nintendo Switch – Untested

Simply Select and activate the MobTowers BehaviorPack and ResourcePack when Creating a New World.

*Delete Any Previous Versions of MobTowers*



Supported Minecraft versions


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