MobaCrafter v3.4: Taking a Survey


MLBB in MCPE? Mobacrafter map – now can play in Minecraft PE!

How To Play :

1. Click the start button to start the game

2. Select a role to play (you have 15 seconds to select before the game start)

  • Marksman : You will get a bow and arrows and can not deal a melee attack
  • Fighter : You will get an iron sword as melee attack
  • Tank : You will get an iron sword as melee attack (but only deal a little damage) and a shield (auto use in offhand)

3. Kill the enemies (not your team)

4. Click the button on enemy base to win (don’t click before kill the enemies) or click the button on your base to surrender.

Screenshot :

Update Info :

Recommended MCPE version is : 1.14.20 or higher

Click “download & join” in your friend device to play.

Size : 8.9 MB

Sorry for the missing download link : .zip Mediafire.

Participate in the update survey !

MediaFire Download Link is available now, subscribe youtube Gung Yogi !

  1. Bug Fixed = Invincible in the bush setting
  2. Remaked Place = Select Hero Place
  3. Role Nerf = Now marksman can not deal a melee damage
  4. Role Buff = Now tank can deal a melee damage, but only deal little damage


Play with your friend !!!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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