Monster Siege (Demo) (Update Spoilers)


Fighting and upgrading, discovering new locations and its monsters.This is project Monster Siege (Demo), map in minecraft built with command blocks and texture packs! Map is in Demo but in future will be full version!!!


For starting (after texture pack testing room) every player will have leather armor and wooden axes, place where you are is camp! Here is armor&weapos shop and map! With map you can explore locations portals and fight with monsters.

Locations and its monsters:

(Press button on map to teleport in portal choosing lobby?)

When you start you have only one activated portal, there are 4 (for demo 2) 

Plains or Jungle is first location, here you can find zombies, skeletons and one Boss!

to start fight cross red line…

In this location monsters can drop Lost souls

Boss: Necromancer!!! 

Speed: Very slow

Special ability: Summons monsters

Chest drop: Lost souls, Nether key


Nether or Crimson is second location, here are blazes and wither skeletons! To open Nether portal you should have Nether key (drop from Boss necromencer’s win chest) drop key in portal and it will activate… (Blocks from nether update is only texture)

Mobs can drop Soul of Night

Boss: Crimson king

Speed: Fast

No special abilities

No drop (Demo)

Armor and Weapon:

In camp you have armor&weapons shop (stand on gold plate in weaponer’s shop to teleport in shop)

You can buy them with souls!!!

souls are drop from monsters in different locations… When monster drop soul pick it (you can find your souls in scoreboard)


Command blocks and fixing bugs: Achutras217

Testers (single and multiplayer): MetBer, Achutras217, Miriani22

Idea: Achutras217, MetBer

For ideas and bugs please write in comments… (not for “Bad English”)

What is next?


New dimensions in Release:

Endworld (opening with end key) after Nether dimension

Skyworld or paradise is opening after endworld!

With new dimensions will be added new armor!

Xification and Hallowed armor

Also yes that will be new weapons like xification dagger, soulnapper, hallowed sword and etc.

With new dimensions will be added new coolest function for better fighting system – Skills! They will be in beta testing version! Hotbar slots for them 7-8-9… Reloading will be also!

Small changes:

• Location updates

• Rebalance of tools:

1. -DMG rainbow sword (30>8)

2. -DMG Demonic sword

3. Buffed soul tools

• New skills

• New mechanic for multiplayer respawn system

• Buffed bosses

• More particles

• Food shop

• Russian language support

• And more...

Update “Release” date unknow

Only update spoilers! Well play demo and in future released version!

June 11 | 2020:        


Android and Windows:

1) Dowload files

2) Click on them, minecraft will open…

3) After import open map settings and activate its texture pack


1) Click on download button, other site with download will open

2) Click on open with…

3) Choose minecraft, it will open and files will download

4) After import open map settings and activate its texture pack

Play 🙂


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

Source link


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