Monument Browser is a lightweight browser with a floating windows, night mode, ad-blocker, and more


Over time as the web has evolved, we’ve seen a number of web browsers add more and more features to their applications. Sometimes these features are incredibly helpful while others make it seem like they’re just trying to increase their feature list. Chrome may be the most popular web browser in the world but it has received a lot of complaints about how much RAM it eats up. Even on Android, we tend to see Samsung’s web browser beat out Chrome in terms of speed. There’s another lightweight browser (less than 2MB in size) out there called Monument Browser and it has a number of useful features as well.

Monument Browser comes to us from XDA Member  and oddly enough it is actually available for Windows 10 devices as well. The standout features of this application include floating windows, night mode, and an ad-blocker, but here is a full list for those who are interested:

Monument Browser Features:

  • Your Privacy matters
  • Adblocker
  • High-speed internet download manager
  • Save pages offline
  • Full-screen is better
  • Anonymous navigation
  • Easy access mode
  • Night Mode
  • Read Mode
  • Picture In Picture
  • Floating window
Monument Browser: AdBlocker & Fast Downloads
Monument Browser: AdBlocker & Fast Downloads

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