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This mod adds more items such as, effect pets which give you buffs like speed, strength, and resistance. Activate them by eating them, they have unlimited uses. All items can be obtained in survival mode without cheats. This mod also adds more mobs such as monstrosities, sea monstrosities, evil trees, and crabs. All mobs spawn naturally.


(Items in the same order as in the picture)

Nymph Effect Pet: gives haste, unlimited uses, upgradeable, can be obtained by killing Nymphs

Squid Effect Pet: gives water breathing, upgradeable, unlimited uses, (if upgraded, gives conduit power)

Steel: Can be used to craft steel can

Saturation soda: refills all hunger bars and keeps them filled for 2 minutes

Red ender pearl: obtained by killing red ender man, used to craft red ender man pet

Steel can: used to craft soda

Raw crab: obtained by killing crabs, can be eaten

Magma cube pet: gives fire immunity, unlimited uses

Bird effect pet: gives speed, unlimited uses, can be upgraded

Basic blank effect pet: used to craft basic pets

Cooked crab: obtained by cooking raw crab, can be eaten

Golden crab: gives buffs

Enhanced blank effect pet: used to craft enhanced pets

Cat effect pet: gives speed and night vision, unlimited uses

Normal blank effect pet: used to craft normal pets

Red ender man effect pet: gives strength, unlimited uses

Wither Effect Pet: gives resistance, unlimited uses

Iron golem effect pet: gives regeneration, unlimited uses

Rabbit effect pet: gives jump boost, unlimited uses

Activate effect pets by eating them, you will get the item back after eating it. It may be in your inventory.


Wither Effect Pet:


Squid Effect Pet LV2

Squid Effect Pet:

Saturation Soda:

Red Enderman Effect Pet:

Rabbit Effect Pet:

Nymph Effect Pet LV3

Nymph Effect Pet LV2

Normal Blank Effect Pet:

Magma Cube Effect Pet:

Iron Golem Effect Pet:

Golden Crab:

Enhanced Blank Effect Pet:

Basic Blank Effect Pet:

Bird Effect Pet:

Cat Effect Pet

Steel Can:

Bird Effect Pet LV2


Tree: hostile, burns in daylight, drops wood

Sea Monstrosity: speedy, hostile, will not attack or move if not in water, drops iron ingots

Nymph: hostile, burns in daylight, drops it’s pet

Monstrosity: hostile, burns in daylight

Eye: Shoots fireballs, hostile /Red eye variant: spawns in nether, shoots explosive fireballs

Crab: nuetral, drops crab meat, sometimes spider eyes

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