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Don’t you think Wolves are the most neglected mobs in Minecraft?
Isn’t it weird how there’s only one type of Wolf while there’s like 10 different variations of cats?
This addon adds 5 new Wolf types + a Coyote, improved behaviors, slightly retouched models and animations etc.

What is added?
5 new Wolf types spawning across most biomes + a Coyote that spawns only in the desert.
New sounds and added breathing animation.
What is changed?

  • Wolves are now naturally afraid of the player except if the player is holding a bone, then they will slowly approach to be tamed. Similar to cats. Don’t do any sudden moves though!
  • They will now pick up any item or block left on the ground but prefer food and they will eat it themselves. If a Wolf stole your block/item, just drop a piece of food on the floor and they will drop it and take the food instead. Also if they chase down and kill a sheep they will eat the mutton, so be quick and pick it up before they do if you need it.
  • All Wolves now have breathing animation
  • Slightly remodeled model (added a lil snout and pointy ears)
  • Coyotes are a different type of mob, they only spawn in the desert, they are a bit smaller and a bit faster. They love rabbits and can only be tamed with raw rabbit! They have more health but their bite is not as powerful. (Look man I know coyotes don’t live in the desert but I have no idea what lives in the desert except hyenas and I don’t think they would make good pets so leave me alone 😀 )
  • Natural spawning: Black Wolves spawn in taigas and cold taigas (rarely) while all variations of white Wolves spawn in cold taigas more and much less in normal taigas.
    Both (white/black) spawn in all other forests rarely.
    All white variations spawn in birch forests.
    All brown spawn in savannas, but light and dark brown much less than normal brown. Dark brown also spawns in roofed forests.
    Coyotes only spawn in the desert.
  • Fixed spawn rates for sheep and rabbits (increased to make more realistic) so the wolves have something to hunt.

Normal Wolf now called White Wolf

Black Wolf:

Gray Wolf:

Light Brown Wolf:

Brown Wolf:

Dark Brown Wolf:


I tried to keep everything as vanilla as possible so the addon blends into vanilla nicely.
All textures done by me from real references.
Models and animations redone by me in Blockbench.
Behaviors edited by me.

You may use the code and resources to learn if you’re starting to mod, that’s how I learned. Just don’t repost the exact mod without at least giving credits.

Here’s two more pics from the ones I found in the wild while doing the above photoshoot 😀


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Works for both android/ios and Windows (tested).


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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