Motorola’s Prime Day deals include $200 off of the Edge


Amazon’s Prime Day kicks off tomorrow, which means that you’re about to get bombarded with deal offers. Motorola announced its deals today, which include some impressive discounts on its wares.

First of all, the Motorola Edge is $200 off, bringing it down to $499.99. It’s not an uncommon deal for the device. In fact, just last weekend when we reviewed the Motorola One 5G, which promises 5G for under $500, we recommended just waiting until the Motorola Edge is on sale again, and here we are just a couple of days later.

Next up, the entire Moto G series is being discounted. At the top of the mid-range lineup is the Moto G Stylus, which is $60 off of its normal price of $299.99, bringing it down to $239.99. The Moto G Power, normally $249.99, is being marked down to $199.99. Finally, there’s a $40 discount on the $199.99 Moto G Fast, bringing it down to $159.99.

Unfortunately, none of these deals are live just yet. You’ll have to wait until Prime Day kicks off tomorrow.

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