Mozilla adds pinch-to-zoom support and HTTPS-only mode in Firefox 83


Mozilla has announced the release of Firefox 83, an update that introduces support for HTTPS-Only Mode. And, wait for it: pinch-to-zoom.

HTTPS-Only Mode will attempt to establish a secure connection to the website you’re visiting. That means if you click on an HTTP link or you manually enter an HTTP address, Firefox 83 will attempt to visit the site using HTTPS instead. If a secure connection can’t be established, Firefox will ask for your permission before connecting to the website.

Firefox noted that most major websites today support the HTTPS protocol, which offers better encryption between your browser and the website you’re visiting. But there are some websites out there that are still using the HTTP protocol. There are also millions of legacy HTTP links, so HTTPS-Only Mode in Firefox 83 aims to provide users with a more secure connection.

Firefox said that there may also be the rare instance when a website is available over HTTPS but includes resources within the website that aren’t available over HTTPS. As a result, some websites may not look right or will malfunction altogether. If this happens, users can easily disable HTTPS-Only Mode by clicking on the lock icon in the address bar.

Firefox 83 also includes pinch-zooming support on Windows and Mac. If you’re on a Windows device with a touchscreen, you can easily pinch-to-zoom on websites all you want. The same goes with touchpads on Mac devices. It’s a feature that’s been available in competing browsers for years, but better late than never.

There are several other features included in Firefox 83, including keyboard shortcuts for picture-in-picture mode, support for AcroForm, and support for Apple’s new M1 chips. Firefox 83 has also been pushed out to Android devices with support for several new plugins, including FoxyProxy, Bitwarden, AdGuard AdBlocker, Tomato Clock, LeechBlock NG, Web Archives, and Ghostery.

If you want a more secure browsing experience and you’re a Firefox user, then you should download the latest update now. You can view the full Firefox 83 changelog for desktops below.

Firefox 83 changelog:


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