Mozilla adds pull-to-refresh for Firefox Nightly on Android


While Mozilla’s Firefox browser is behind Google’s Chrome in a couple of aspects, I feel it doesn’t get the credit it deserves nowadays. On Android, it supports browser extensions, which, to be frank, is amazing for a mobile browser. Today, however, Mozilla has finally added a feature to the Android version of Firefox that other Chromium-based browsers have had for years: pull-to-refresh (via Android Police).

I’m sure I don’t need to explain this feature in-depth, but basically, you can scroll up to the top of the website and then pull down to refresh the website. We’ve seen this functionality in basically every other popular browser as well as many popular native apps, so it’s considered fairly basic functionality by now. Mozilla had implemented this feature in nightly builds as early as April of this year, but it was pulled back pending some issues that had to be resolved. For example, the bottom sheet in Google Maps (still) interferes with the pull-down gesture.

As of now, the pull-to-refresh gesture is not yet available in the stable branch of the Firefox browser. Rather, you’ll have to go for the Nightly branch, which is updated every day and shouldn’t be used unless you’re willing to deal with some (or many) bugs. It’ll take a few weeks, or even months, for this feature to make its way to the stable branch.

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