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Wanted a skin pack full of derps? Nice meeting you and welcome to my skin pack, this skin pack includes derp skins!!! And more skins will be added in the future!!!

The following skins in the skinpack are:


Tuxedo derp:

Angry derp:

Trained derp:

Bloody derp:

Bald derp:

No eye derp:

Gay derp:

No tounge derp:

Shirtless derp:

Sad derp:

Green screen derp:

Smirk derp:

Pink guy derp:

2D derp:

King derp:

Non ripped-off clothes derp:

Sleeping derp:

Gamer derp:

No mouth derp:


This skinpack is made by SUPERGAMERDUDE

A fellow youtuber that makes skinpacks, maps and addons for the sake of the players


There are 70+ skins in my to do list of skins for this skinpack, some of them will not be finished cause of difficulty of making it

New derps!

Gamer derp: just like you

King derp: oh sire

Sleeping derp: shh

Non ripped-off clothes derp: before he got its clothes got shredded

No mouth derp: nobody knows how his mouth disappeared

Now fixed linkvertise links!

You can now download .zip files on linkvertise

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Added 4 more derp skins!

Green screen derp – from a meme of saying “im gay”

Smirk derp – creepy smile ayee?

Pink guy derp – you know this piece of legend and comedy

2D derp – just a flat one, nothing to see here

Now removed download a app(linkvertise maybe gives you a app chance) and notif

Now added .mcpack because some of you dont like .zip files


Supported Minecraft versions


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