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Adding this to your world gives you 15 musical instruments along with an amplifier, PA Speaker, and a microphone.

If you are bored with making a piano using blocks, wool, and fences (because i am, too) then you should definitely try this out and get that piano in one tap!

I made this with an original plan in mind to have some musical intruments as “design” in my own MC world and i wan’t to stick to that so a majority of the instruments can not really be played but i decided to add sounds on some intruments so keep reading to know what instruments are those

The Musical Intruments addon gives you an additional 18 items, mainly:

•2 Types of piano keyboard

•Grand concert piano

•Bass guitar on stand

•Cajon (Beat box)

•Guitar on stand

•Bamboo flute

•2 Harmonicas







It also comes with a


•PA Speaker


You can play a sound with the:




Just tap/hurt them.

Here are images that shows you what some of the instruments look like:

And here is a video that shows all the instruments and items in this addon:


Please do subscribe to my youtube channel (it would be more convenient for me to reply to your comments/suggestions there) and here at mcpedl for more of my upcoming addons. It’s been months since i started making addons so thank you very much for supporting me, my Laundry Set Addonand my recent School Equipments Addon. I hope you can continue to support me as it is only the beginning of my journey. I’m really glad to know you are all part of it.

I may not have been able to reply to your comments here but i’ve seen your suggestions here and on my YT channel. I’ll see what i can do to add the instruments you all suggested probably by the next update so i hope you look forward to it.

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I hope you enjoy this. Have fun!


*Do include a link to this addon if you are going to feature this 

*Do not post a direct link without my permission

– Download links have been updated for those who are having trouble accessing it.


You need to download both the Resource (R) and Behavior (B) pack in order for this addon to work.

How to access link:

– Disable your browser’s ad-block for a while when accessing adfly

– Block the first pop-up that wants to send notifications

– wait for 5 seconds 

– a new tab will open. Allow the 2nd pop-up that wants to send notifications and you will be redirected to the download link

* the links are double checked before they get posted so you shouldn’t have any problems accessing them


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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