MutantCraft Smp *CrossPlay* | Minecraft PE Servers


Play with your friends on Java and Bedrock together,  on this awesome Smp server! Still in progress, So be sure not to leave to many negative reviews! Thank You guys!

The Server was made a few days ago and there is currently only one person working on it if there is any lag please let me know on our discord if you have any requests or ideas comment or use our discord to let us know aswell with any problems you have! Thank you all for the positivity hope those that have read this have an amazing day! 

Check Out Our PVP WARP!! 

Check out The mutant team base! 

Ranks Added/Custom Prefix

Claims now only claim team area and is still breakable (by Enemies) even when claimed

Ender Chest Command Added 

PVP Warp Added 

Set home added 

Referral Rewards added! 

Factions/Claims Added

Fixed Warp Issue

Mobs won’t spawn in lobby anymore.

Supported Minecraft versions


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