Mythical World Devilbrine Hardcore Addon (V7.3)


If you want better world and hard core battle this is for you this addon is more update in the Devilbrine Empire Created by James Neal.

If you like big mountains, new biomes, big tree download and boss this addon is for you, this addon is changes your world in minecraft pe and many to explore.

Remember always be careful in this addon, monster can open the door to kill you.

Big mountains

New biomes Heaven Gate

New Entity in V7.3 “Redd the Heller”

New Monster in V7.3 “Wakawaka”

Entity 606

Wither Boss summon in the heaven gate biomes

careful because dread is everywhere

New Monster and Knight

the power of devilbrine


Lightning bolt

And Summon.

Do not fight the boss in this addon if you no knight’s or samurai to guard you.

If you more update this addon please share this and if you addon maker come and join the Minecraftian Imperial Group in FB let’s make this addon great.

If you want to survive you need a netherstar to pick the highest quality of knight or samurai to survive this world.

Mythical World Herobrine vs Devilbrine V7.4 


Update in the entity, biomes, boss and more, if you want to be more addon come and join the Minecraftian Imperial

New update in version 7.4, structures functions new monster and items.


You need to on the experimental and always pick hard if you want to see the boss in this addon

If you want a texture and shader pick the Version 7.2

If you want a normal and update pick the Version 7.3

If you want a new update Version 7.4


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 (beta)

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