NBC News releases an election widget for iOS 14 users


NBC News is updating its app for iOS today with a new Decision 2020 widget, which is meant to keep users informed of the general election in the United States. You’ll need to be on iOS 14 in order to get the new widget.

NBC says that the new widget lets you see important voting information, voting stats, the latest polls, and the latest election results. Thanks to the nature of iOS 14 widgets, you can do all of this from your iPhone’s home screen.

In the widget settings, you can choose the state that you live in for more localized results. You can also choose the type of information that you want to see. By default, it’s set to auto rotate, but you can choose topics like Plan Your Vote, National Poll Average, Latest Polls, Early Voting, Election News, and Elections Results.

The new widget is available now in the NBC News app on iOS, although as mentioned above, you need to be on iOS 14 to get it. You can check out NBC News on the App Store here.

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