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Tired of living in the Overworld? This map is just for you! This map has everything you need from housing, farms and storage! Of course, you still need some blocks and items, so before you step in to the portal, make sure you are ready!

Welcome to my second map, the Nether Survival Base! It has everything you need (with the exceptions of bed of course) to survive the Nether! 

Again, start in the Overworld and gather materials before stepping to the Nether, or you might get killed!


 – Can be used as a multiplayer survival map!

– Has a Hoglin farm and a “vault”!

– Has a watch tower to keep those pesky Ghasts and any mobs at bay.

– Every building has a Biome theme to match the upcoming Nether Update!

– Has a shrine that will soon have a purpose, but for now, it’s still a decoration.

– Has a Brewing and Enchanting Areas!

– Has a nether wart farm!

Screenshots: (Taken in-game!)

 – The Hoglin Farm and the Vault

– The “Enchanting Forest”

– The “Potion Forest”

– The Soulsand Tower!

– The “Shrine”


Please play in the Minecraft 1.16 beta in order for the map to work!

Please rate my map 5 stars! And follow me on Twitter: @vince_arvi


1. Make sure your Minecraft version is 1.16 beta

2. Press the link and it will automatically download

3. Install ZArchiver from the Play Store.

4. Open ZArchiver

5. Find “Nether Survival file from “Download” folder

6. Press the file once and choose “Extract to ./Archive name/”

7. After extracting, open the file, then it should have a folder named “Nether Survival Base”

8. After that long press the file and press “Copy” then go to “games” file and press “com.mojang” file

9. Then press the file named “minecraftWorld” and paste it there

10. Open your game and it should be named “Copy of Nether Survival Base”

(I copied the world from the original one so that I can make this zip file)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

Source link


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