Nextbit Robin gets Energy Aware Scheduling in latest CarbonROM update


Ever since Google hopped on to the Energy Aware Scheduling (EAS) feature train, developers on our forums have been working hard to bring this feature to the devices they support. The feature optimizes energy consumption for multi-core SoCs, and it requires significant kernel patches to get it working. The advantages of EAS are described in great detail in this forum post, in case you’re interested. A few days ago, we mentioned that a developer brought the feature over to the HTC U11, but now the feature is available for the Nextbit Robin as well thanks to the most recent update of CarbonROM.

The developers who helped port EAS claim that the implementation is stable and has resulted in lower idle battery drain and temperatures, so if you’re still holding on to your Nextbit Robin as a daily driver give the latest CarbonROM build a shot.

Get CarbonROM with EAS for the Nextbit Robin

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