Note Block UI (A Note Block Project World Template)


Ever get frustrated by the lack of a user interface for Note Blocks? Did you feel jealous of Java Edition’s Note Block texture packs? Do you aspire to be a Note Block composer?

This world template makes it quick and easy for you to start a blank flat world for your Note Block compositions and have a visual indicator of a Note Block’s value anywhere in that world.

This template is intended for single-player use.

Stand on top of a Note Block for a scoreboard to display its value. This comes as a World Download and as a World Template. The world is intended as an aid to Note Block composers (or people just messing around with Note Blocks). The limitations of Bedrock Edition commands make this unwieldy in a mutliplayer world so use this to a single player experience.

I came up with the design myself, feel free to use the techniques and commands included to improve your Bedrock experience. Please do not claim as your own work.


Supported Minecraft versions


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