Old Villager Addon (Just Villager)


Hi this is my fourth submission and first addon, this addon just add new mob and not texture/replace new villagers, no specially things in my addon but useful for some people (maybe), here the description:

This addon adds the old villager and doesn’t replace the new villager, and has an old trading ui that works (probably works) This addon is specifically for people who like old villagers but don’t want to change textures or remove new villagers, well if that’s you then this addon can fulfill your needs

I don’t know if this addon requires experimental gameplay, for sure this addon almost works on all devices (I tried it on win10) suitable for village-themed maps

enough explanation, this is the picture:

just 4 proffesions for now (i trying found nitwit but there is no nitwit)

Old Trading UI

Spawn Egg Texture

This Addon originaly made by me and my idea

You can contact me into my instagram account: https://instagram.com/crowgaming7

You Not Allowed to Reupload Into Mcpedl Or Other Website and app without my consent


  1. Download file .mcaddon below 
  2. Click file and it will automatic import
  3. If you having problem about importing mcaddon, try to change file into .zip and extract the file
  4. Enjoy The Addon


Supported Minecraft versions


Source link


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