OneNote for Windows 10 will now graph math equations for you


Microsoft today is updating its OneNote app for Windows 10, adding the ability to graph math equations. The feature is part of the Ink math assistant, which helps to solve equations, and rolled out last summer.

The ability to graph equations, which requires an Office 365 subscription, rolled out to the Slow ring nine days ago on March 7, when Microsoft announced everything else that’s included in the update. In today’s announcement, the firm didn’t outline any other features, but we can confirm that the rest of them are there.

This includes the ability to drag and drop pages and sections, recover deleted notes, organize sections into groups, use full color emoji, and more. And for those that were worried about how app updates were paused for the Fast ring, there’s no need for concern. Fast ring users get all of the new features as well.

Microsoft describes the difference between OneNote for Windows 10 and OneNote 2016 as the fact that the UWP app is frequently updated with new features. To install or update OneNote, you can find it in the Windows Store here.

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